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Digital Projection April News - Satellite MLS Progress continues at pace


Dermot Quinn - Digital Projection COO & CTO

I hope that you are all keeping well. Most of us have been in this “Lock-Down”, work from home mode for three or four weeks now. For me it seemed very strange at first, but I’ve got used to it and I’m finding that it has been possible to get quite a lot done.

Thanks to effective home working and to some key staff who have been going into the office, we are still able to support our customers and respond to sales opportunities. Importantly, R&D activity relating to our Satellite MLS system is moving forward at pace, the objective still being to start delivering truly differentiated product after the summer.

Since we first demonstrated the Satellite MLS concept at ISE 2019, we have moved our light source on a generation, proving that we could achieve the key product goals that we set ourselves as a result of customer feedback. At ISE 2020 we projected stunning, 40000 lumen images via a 4k INSIGHT Head. These prototype systems have enabled us to prove all key elements of our design:

  • They produce wonderful images and are robust and stable.
  • We can combine up to four MLS Laser Modules into one projector head, maintaining full optical efficiency and hitting 40000 lumens.
  • We can use one Modular Laser Source to illuminate multiple projector Heads.
  • We have achieved efficient optical coupling into cost effective and robust fibre optic cables

With great care, we have kept many aspects of R&D moving in our development lab and factory, and we are still on course to get these products into the hands of early adopters from Q3 this year.

I personally regard this project as and opportunity to take everything we have learned over the past twenty-four years and to offer our customers something very special that we can all be proud of. These are going to be great and transformative products.

My best wishes and regards,

Dermot Quinn







Satellite Modular Laser System
Satellite MLS

Satellite MLS offers a small number of simple building blocks that allow users to address a wide range of applications, from single projector installs to complex, multi-channel domes, caves and simulators.


Download the Satellite MLS Brochure via this link

Digital Projection Demo Stock
Spring Cleaning: Demo Stock

Ordinarily, our demonstrators are refreshed every few months. Since much of our inventory is sitting idle due to current circumstances, we decided to have a spring clean now!


Contact your local sales manager for some truly incredible offers on nearly new equipment.

Meshico Restaurant Table Mapping
Installation Focus: Projection

The Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait City is home to two museums, the Remembrance Museum and the Habitat Museum. While the former focuses on the critical – and often violent – moments that shaped the nation, the latter is more concerned with its natural flora and fauna, containing a large number of interactive exhibitions and scenic recreations.


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RADIANCE LED Installation at Henkel Corp
Installation Focus: Radiance LED

Along the shores of Long Island Sound and in the middle of Connecticut’s Gold Coast lies the city of Westport.  As one of the early colonial settlements in North America, Westport is steeped in a rich history for both English and Native American peoples.  Now a vibrant community, Westport is a cultural hub for the surrounding areas and at the heart, lies its unique library.


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Digital Projection Multiview Video
In the spotlight video: Talking Points: Dermot Quinn with AV Magazine

Dermot Quinn, CTO / COO, speaks with Clive Couldwell of AV Magazine about how projection technology is developing in the face of completion from other technologies.


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Digital Projection Tech Tip

Tech Tip #4:

The dangers of fake
projection lamps.

Recently, we have seen an increase in the availability of fake and inferior UHP projection lamps from a variety of sources.


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